September 18, 2010

The Wolfman [Additional Score] (Conrad Pope)

Well... more than a year has passed... after a long, long, long break, we're back presenting the newest rare gem: the additional score for The Wolfman (Joe Johnston). Talented composer and orchestrator Conrad Pope contributes to the already classic Danny Elfman's score with a lush and agressive score for strings and choir. Back covers coming soon!

July 21, 2009

Lassie [Promo] (Adrian Johnston)

Our last release this week is a nice and touching score composed by Adrian Johnston for this last version of Lassie. Johnston has crafted this music which reflects joy, drama and adventure, so likely to this beloved character!

Island of Lost Souls [Promo] (Jane Antonia Cornish)

Island of Lost Souls is a successful danish fantasy movie released in 2007. Newcomer Jane Antonia Cornish delivers a huge and epic score, in the tradition of The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Everquest II [Complete Video Game Score] (Laura Karpman)

Another landmark on RSW Records, we present the covers for our first video game score release. Hugely successful Everquest games got on his sequel a big, wonderful and amazingly symphonic score written by american Laura Karpman. The music runs great in over 70-minute of a masterpiece. We know what we say... enjoy!

Commander in Chief [Promo] (Larry Nash-Groupé)

Our first release this week is our first television score! Acclaimed ABC series Commander in Chief stars Geena Davis as the United States president, just the first woman to have this achievement. Larry Nash-Groupé, as he did in "The Contender"brings us a lush and beautiful score, big and mature as the show is.

July 20, 2009

Tomorrow, RSW Updates!

One more tuesday is coming, and we are proud to announce not two or three releases, but four!!!! The first one is an amazing score created for a very famous and epic video game! Completing the package of fantasy scores, we bring a score for an european movie - beautifully designed by a newcomer in the tradition of symphonic scores like The Lord of the Rings!!

Third one is the music of an acclaimed ABC tv series. Clue: in this series, a woman must take one of the biggest responsibilities in the world! Our fourth release will be a nice score of a very underrated composer.

This tuesday also marks the biggest update on RSW Records yet! Make the bets, and see!

June 23, 2009

Revolutionary Road [Expanded Motion Picture Score] (Thomas Newman)

For the award winning Sam Mendes film, american composer Thomas Newman deliver us an elegant score mixing orchestral and electronic tunes, just his trademark. The covers are for the 18 tracks promo: