January 30, 2008

Our Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases on RSW Records:

February 05:

The Juror [Original Score] (James Newton Howard)
Mystery, Alaska [Promo] (Carter Burwell)

February 19:

The Upside of Anger (Alexandre Desplat)
The Seeker: The Dark is Rising [Original Score] (Christophe Beck)
Killing Me Softly [Original Score] (Patrick Doyle)

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Chicken Little [Complete Motion Picture Score] (John Debney)

The amazing, huge and epic score for Chicken Little was composed by John Debney. Here is the RSW 24-track complete music made for the very funny film. You'll find two (!!!) different front covers. Enjoy!

Timeline [Complete Motion Picture Score] (Brian Tyler)

For the first time the original score for Richard Donner's Timeline (2003) is presented in a 40 tracks release. Original music composed by Brian Tyler, who rescored the film after Goldsmith's score rejection, now a major RSW Records release.

The Time Machine [Complete Score] (Klaus Badelt)

A great release from 2002, here is The Time Machine [Complete Score]. Music composed by Klaus Badelt and performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony.

January 29, 2008

Employee of the Month (John Swihart)

A funny and electronic-based score, Employee of the Month is from newcomer John Swihart. 46 tracks.

Dinosaur [2CD Complete Score]

A very strong effort by veteran James Newton Howard, Dinosaur (in it's complete score) is now presented on RSW Records. 2cd release. Enjoy!

Back for Good!

It's 2008 and RSW Records welcome everybody after (again) a long hiatus. Please see our latest releases and keep an eye on our upcoming ones. It will worth!