June 23, 2009

Revolutionary Road [Expanded Motion Picture Score] (Thomas Newman)

For the award winning Sam Mendes film, american composer Thomas Newman deliver us an elegant score mixing orchestral and electronic tunes, just his trademark. The covers are for the 18 tracks promo:

Mimic 2 [Original Score] (Walter Werzowa)

Walter Werzowa composed a very dark and misterious score for the Mimic sequel, Mimic 2. Here are the covers for the promo score, 60 minutes of music.

Alien vs. Predator - Requiem [2CD Complete Score] (Brian Tyler)

Opening our three new updates, we present the complete score for AVP - Requiem, composed by Brian Tyler. The main themes are huge! This is great music, specially made for the creepy creatures!

June 22, 2009

Tomorrow, 3 new titles on RSW Records

We continue to promote the rare, promos and expanded scores from today and yesterday. Tomorrow, RSW announces three new releases, two of them are huge scores from chilling and terrifying monster movies!!! The other one is from a recent film starred by two of the most sought-after actors from theses times. Let the guessings begin!!!!

June 2, 2009

Away From Her (Jonathan Goldsmith)

For Sarah Poley's award winning film, composer Jonathan Goldsmith presents a score that can be described as introspetive, calm and beautiful. Highlights are the guitar and violin solos.

Defiance [Expanded Score] (James Newton Howard)

Defiance tells the history of three brothers who leads a group of Jewish people against the Nazi atrocities in the woods of Belarus. Director Edward Zwick counts on his collaborator James Newton Howard (Blood Diamond, The Village, Lady in the Water) who creates a strong and powerful score based both on ambient and orchestral music. Featuring beautiful violin solos by Joshua Bell, Defiance is presented by RSW Records on its 50 minutes lenght. Enjoy!!